May 22, 2024
Ask Deepak

What is the point of spiritual evolution?.


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“In response to releasing lifetime dreams, I need clarification. 

You spoke about how our true selves can override our ego desires in favor of what is needed for our spiritual evolution, so then it seems to me that desires and dreams are pointless. 

What do we ever want that is not ego-based? 

Every wish and dream we have is determined by our preferences and personality which is our ego. 

So what then is the point of spiritual evolution? 

I understand the end goal, but what is the purpose of self-awareness and evolving awareness?

Is it not to have the ability to experience your desires, whatever they may be? 

You’re telling me that a murderer’s soul desire is to kill others for his and maybe the other’s spiritual evolution, and the people being murdered need to be murdered for their spiritual evolution? 

Do we not live physical lives, in your opinion, so that we can have experiences to further our spiritual evolution? 

How much growth could we really do if we were murdered in our sleep? 

When it comes to spiritual evolution, I don’t see the difference between what you’re saying, and either being at the mercy of an invisible force whether be a merciful, or even malicious God, or complete random chance. Help?”


The point of spiritual evolution is fulfillment, wisdom, and realizing your potential through awakening to your true nature. 

That’s what self-realization or enlightenment is about. 

Ego desires are about trying to find happiness, security, and love for the sake of your imaginary or separate self. 

That is impossible because the ego really isn’t anything. 

The ego is only that incessant activity of trying to resist or acquire things. 

The true self doesn’t “override” the ego’s desires, the ego can keep doing what it wants as long as it wants. 

Pure awareness is like the space in a room; it doesn’t restrict or control the activity in the room. 

That space allows any activity without being affected, changed, or moved. 

But pure awareness is not just inert space, it is dynamic, intelligent, self-knowing consciousness. 

When we turn our attention to this pure consciousness within, that consciousness can then actively support and guide our thoughts and feelings toward greater self-awareness. 

This is what spiritual evolution is. 

It’s not an omnipotent agenda being imposed on our egos from the cosmos; it is the maturation of our own agenda to know our true nature.



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