May 30, 2024
Ask Deepak

What if we don’t believe in the power of mantras?.


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“I have been meditating and reading various books on spirituality for around 18 months now, and I’m deeply satisfied with my spiritual life and development. 

These days I have been doing your 21-Day Meditation Experience on Belief Systems. 

In the recordings, just before the first bell, you ask us to repeat a Mantra. 

To date I’ve convinced myself that Mantras don’t really have any power in themselves; they are just permission slips. 

With such a belief it’s hard for me to benefit from this meditation. 

Would you please comment on what could be done in such a case?”


You don’t need to believe the meditation mantras have power in order for them to work. 

Their effect is almost mechanical in that the sub-vocal sound of the seed syllables of the mantra allows the mind to become undirected instead of only being focused through the five senses.

That’s all the mantras do; they suspend our mental habits so that the inherent nature of awareness to know itself can come through. 

They are just vehicles for our consciousness to move inward on. 

The mantra doesn’t have the power to bring us to our true self, it just sets up the preconditions for awareness to experience itself. 



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