January 9, 2024
Ask Deepak

What does it mean to see colors and patterns during meditation?.


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“I meditated for the first time today. 

At first, I just saw what you would normally see with your eyes closed but then I started seeing random swirls of these dots and then a purple swirl and a blue swirl but mainly purple and it covered my entire vision and then went away.

In the middle of a change, something that looked like a golden eye came from the middle right and shot past me and also there was this black line that would change position, whenever it came back from vertical, to what looked like drawn wings, to horizontal. 

I don’t know what any of this means!”


The visual activity of the mind during meditation is a byproduct of the body/mind normalization occurring as awareness comes to realize itself. 

So the visions, sounds, or movements in meditation show that something deeper is happening, but don’t mean much in themselves. 

Just as smoke indicates fire, yet there is nothing much to analyze or understand about the smoke. 

The important phenomenon is the fire.



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