June 20, 2023
Ask Deepak

Wandering Thoughts.


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I regularly practice meditation and I think I am on the path to being a more aware person, however I find it very difficult to quiet my mind for more than a short period. I find that I become aware of my wandering thoughts. I practice non judgment at these realizations, but very soon I find myself immersed in yet another ‘movie’. What else can I do to help or do I just need to continue being patient with myself?


You only need to continue what you are doing. These wandering thoughts are an integral part of successful meditation. Thoughts, even elaborate trains of thoughts, or ‘movies’ indicate that your mind had become quiet for a moment and that stillness allowed the body to release a large amount of old conditioning or stress. That release shows up mentally as thoughts or ‘movies.’ Take it as a signal to return to your meditation practice to have the mind become quiet again so that more mental conditioning can be cleared. The more you release, the longer your episodes of mental stillness become.



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