October 20, 2013

Visions, Colors, and Moods.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear I have three questions about meditation. I have recently started to meditate with your CD Chakra Balancing . Body , Mind & Soul. My purpose in meditation is to clear my chakras, gain inner peace and balance . My aim is to not stop me from living my life to the full. My mood is something I struggle with, it is the root cause of the meditation. My mood comes from an unfavorable childhood.

Question 1: During meditation with CD Chakra Balancing . Body, Mind & Soul, I experienced something remarkable. At the second chakra (orange), I met a beautiful woman from India in an orange sari. Her headdress, black hair billowed in the wind. She looked at me seriously. I was touched during the meeting, crying. Felt guilty, as if I hurt her, was my feeling. The woman brought her hands together as if it were a prayer, and then put her hand against her forehead. Bent down towards my feet and bowed to me. Felt suddenly strong to bow to her to. The feeling that came then was that she was more worthy than me. Please, what does this experience mean? Wish gratefully receives help with an explanation.I live and grew up in Sweden. Unfortunately, I do not know anyone with Indian nascence.

Question 2: Chakras have different colors. The CD Chakra Balancing . Body , Mind & Soul is the Crown charkra gold. Why is that? I am new to meditation and the knowledge of meditation. I have only read and seen that the color of the crown chakra is purple. Please, I wish to get explanation. Is the crown chakra gold or purple?

Question 3: Please, would gratefully receive an advice from you. How should I balance my anger during meditation? My mood comes from an unfavorable terrible childhood. Difficult to trust in myself and others. Social Phobia, trained to not argue with that feel, think, do like myself. Psychologists have unfortunately not helped as I wanted. Have tried CBT , TFT , EFT , Hypnosis , self- reading, painting . As a last chance I practice mediation. I 'm not going to give up because I want to feel better. That is my goal. I do not blame my childhood, I want to take responsibility for my adult actions in the present. I want to evolve and gain peace and balance.


The image of the woman in the orange sari suggests a contact with an archetype that represents the power and presence of that chakra. That is a nice experience to have, but don’t give it too much importance or let it distract you from resuming your meditation practice. The ultimate goal of meditation is self-realization, which is  knowing your true nature beyond all images and forms. The colors associated with the crown chakra vary between violet and gold. Some suggest that the white/golden color represents the closest approximation to the color apparent in the fully awakened individual, and that violet is the color associated with the more dormant state of the chakra. Regarding anger during meditation, ease off your practice and simply feel the physical sensation in your body that is connected to the anger. Notice it without judgment. Soon it will settle down and you will start thinking about things unrelated to your anger. That is your cue to return to meditation. Outside of meditation, when you notice yourself getting angry, stop what you are doing. This interrupts the normal chain of reaction. Then take 3 or 4 long deep breaths where you consciously let go of your feeling that you are right in reacting to this situation with anger. Allow yourself  to connect to a quiet, peaceful center within you that you have felt before in meditation. Let this silent center of awareness observe your thoughts, feelings and behavior for these moments. Inviting this presence of witnessing awareness allows for a different reaction to emerge, instead of anger. Next proceed with act from this new place. Hopefully it will be from kindness and compassion, but even if your reaction is still tinged with frustration and irritation, it will still be an improvement over the unconscious angry reaction. In time your anger will replaced with tolerance, understanding and compassion.


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  1. hashimjaan

    dear sir i need your chakra balancing cd i want to by please send me your telephone number and adrees and price can i by throgh cradet card. and pluss delevery charges becaouse iam liveng in karachi pakistan.if your cd is avilabae in karachi send me the idress. your sincer frinde (JAI GRODEV)

  2. Mónica Elejalde

    Namaste~ ese polo se lo compré Yo, aquí en Lima-Peru en Noviembre del 2011... yeahhh, que emoción que lo siga usando :) :)

  3. Barbara Geng

    I have tried everything, & it all helped a little, but to ultimately recover, I had to go to Joshua ben David. He is the healer that transcends time & space, & can heal anyone. U cannot heal yourself .

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