June 29, 2021
Ask Deepak

Victimization and Isolation.


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How do I stop myself from being victimized by people without totally isolating myself? As a child I was picked on because of my weight, my alcoholic mother neglected and abused me, I married an emotionally absent and abusive man, and spent all my working years surrounded by people who tried to take advantage of me. How do I break this cycle and find happiness?


First recognize that isolating yourself is not really a solution to the feelings of victimization. Those feelings ultimately arise inside you and will remain even if you are in isolation. You overcome the sense of victimization by gaining a true sense of your inner strength and core self, not by avoiding people. There are many things you can do to help you develop a  true identity and empowerment, things like new achievements at work, running every day, learning a new language, etc.… but real self-esteem comes from spiritual growth through practices like meditation, prayer, and mindfulness. That is where you come to know the source of your strength that is beyond your ego or will, and experience of this core self brings with it a knowledge that no one and no thing can make you a victim. Your essential nature is beyond all considerations of being a victim or victimizer.



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