June 3, 2013



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Dear Sir, Vedanta seems to tell us we are whole and free and therefor have no choice… all in life just happens/is consciousness. But I'm not clear on that. Can you explain how this relates to the Law of Intention and Desire? Because there it seems that I do have a choice, the choice to make an intention. Can I consciously choose to change my life?


Yes, you can consciously change your life. Vedanta asserts that the ultimate reality is one wholeness of consciousness and that reality is freedom, bliss and intelligence. It also states that duality and individuality are only mental constructs of that wholeness, and not the ultimate reality. Choice and desire in terms of Vedanta comes down to choosing to awaken yourself from the ignorance of duality, and that is the most powerful and significant use of will or intention you can exercise.


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  1. Jay B. Lawrence

    We live in 2 realities. The reality of the senses, taste, touch, smell hearing and sight. The world as we phisically experience it. This is the reality that we know. Then there is the reality of the mind. Our thoughts, emotions, dreams, and inner subconscious, the inner self that we dont let out to others and sometimes to ourselves. The trick is to become aware of this second reality.

  2. Souls

    What would you say to one who felt that that they could surrender to the present moment but there is a small fear stopping them? They are so close but yet so far.

  3. YourSoul

    @Souls The small fear is the fear of the fear itself. People suffer the most because of the suffering one fears. But that is suffering that does not exist. If you truly know yourself you know there is nothing to fear.

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