January 18, 2022
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Dear Deepak, Vedanta seems to tell us we are whole and free and therefore have no choice… all in life just happens/is consciousness. But I’m not clear on that. Can you explain how this relates to the Law of Intention and Desire? Because there it seems that I do have a choice, the choice to make an intention. Can I consciously choose to change my life?


Yes, you can consciously change your life. Vedanta asserts that the ultimate reality is one wholeness of consciousness, and that reality is freedom, bliss, and intelligence. It also states that duality and individuality are only mental constructs of that wholeness, and not the ultimate reality. Choice and desire in terms of Vedanta comes down to choosing to awaken yourself from the ignorance of duality, and that is the most powerful and significant use of will or intention you can exercise.



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