November 7, 2011

Universal Suffering.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


After many years of searching for a spiritual connection, I came finally to a place where I know that I am a manifestation of the Source of All and that my sole purpose here is to experience.  Of all the things that I've tried and searched out and practised, this 'knowing' is it.  It rings true, it makes sense, it is what it is and I am what I AM.  Part of that journey has also brought me to choosing the vegan lifestyle, which I've embraced with ease and surety because I would never do harm to My Self, which includes the furred, finned and feathered parts of Me that also inhabit this world.

The struggle that I (the human I) have is that those who torture and abuse and cause suffering 'are Me' and this breaks my heart and it causes such grief in my soul and sometimes such anger, that I often feel stuck.  The result is that I look forward to when I can leave and it is my intention to never return.  Some choose to come back to teach and help the world continue to evolve, but the thought of returning makes me feel ill.  I suppose what I'm looking for from you, is a magic pill that will help me move past the violence and lack of compassion that I see in humanity (my other parts) and will help to make the next thirty years or so of this life bearable.  
I'm not desperate (for help) so much as I'm resigned to living within a cloud of sorrow.  Thank you for providing an opportunity vent.  If nothing else, I feel temporarily better for that.


When one comes to an understanding of the underlying existence of the source of all with one’s inner nature, we need to be clear that the actual experience of that unity as a higher state of consciousness is something else altogether. Mixing the two up can lead to  a lot of confusion and emotional anguish.

So your sense of the” Me” that is in the humans that abuse and torture others, is not really your connection to their spiritual essence at all. The source of our existence and all existence in life is pure consciousness. That is unconditioned and its status is unaltered by any activity or behavior in manifest existence. Hurtful and ignorant actions are disconnected from that field of awareness. If you want a way to understand or relate to those type of people, know that their behavior comes from their own personal suffering and that they too are on their own path toward knowing their true self. Have compassion for them and their suffering, because ultimately it is no different than yours or anyone else’s suffering.



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  1. C-Dan

    Every perceivable form exists* pardon my typos if there are more :D

  2. C-Dan

    Well Fatima, you overlook the obvious. We are biotic factors. We introduce the bias as soon as we come into existence and only end it when we die. There is nothing like pain or suffering, there is only bias. In the totality of the equilibrium of the universe, everything perceivable form exist and thrives because of that bias. When we say what you said in the comment above it makes us unconscious beings. We couldn`t be though, `cause we are saying that. So living as well as saying "pain and suffering will exist till you learn to detach" is hypocrisy. The only way you can detach is by decomposing. Till then, you do your best to maintain a bias conducive and favorable to everyone as much as your consciousness allows. For example, like me, responding to you, instead of eating you up. Detaching yourself is not forgetting or ignoring it, detachment is death. Till then the best you can do is impact the environment adversely as less as you can. Going vegan, using resources efficiently and minimally, learning to self-sustain, being conscious and perceptive of everything you experience and understanding things from an arbitrary standpoint which moves to all perspectives you can think of, helping you absorb the whole truth better, is the best you can do as long you live. Detachment is only for the dead or the unconscious.

  3. Patricia Pujatti

    Fatima, I agree with you in almost all what you say, but I hope you have included yourself between "that people", because "you" and "me" and "that people" are all on Earth yet learning. And also even Jesus had a emotional doubt moment when he was dying and he said "Father, why did you abandon me?" It`s almost impossible to do not talk from ego since it was developed for driving terrenal experiences, and it understands world through duality. We should be more indulgent and patient with ourselves, nobody is better than another.

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