April 17, 2018

Unity and Diversity.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


 I have been on this spiritual journey of mine for over 4 years and feel I have gained a lot of insight into the universe and God but I am still puzzled by one thing. I feel it is true that we all have a soul and that it journeys from life time to life time, gathering wisdom as it grows. But I also believe that we are all connected, all one and there is the rub for me. It seems that the soul is an individual thing at least if it is true that we all have our own, while the concept of a connected universe, where everything is God, seems to suggest only one soul, the soul of God. Now I have read many books and have meditated on this question but I have yet to receive an answer that is satisfying to me. If you can offer any insight into this question of mine, I would really appreciate it.


The unique perspective that each soul has, creates the experience of separation and individuality. It is an illusion based on the appearance of form and point of view. At the absolute level of existence we are all connected, we are all different expression of that one field of pure consciousness. Just as we can see cloud formations, waterfalls, snowflakes and oceans as very different individual things, we can also recognize that at a molecular level, they are just various manifestations of H2O. The same things can be said to be different and yet the same depending upon the point of view.


From limited view of conditioned personality we all seem fundamentally separate. However, from the perspective of unity consciousness, every soul and every thing in the universe is seen to be essentially that same non-local universal consciousness that is your Self.




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