September 6, 2016



When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have recently experienced great emotional turbulence with regards to my in-laws, so much so that I felt I was being consumed by resentment and rage. Prompted by this, I visited a healer who has been incredibly helpful. While I now see the triggers and source of my emotions and reactions, I can’t seem to actually heal and clear the issues. More often than not, I feel the resentment creeping in again and I replay the triggering situations over and over. I also started meditating a few weeks ago to achieve peace and awareness. However, I am not sure if there are more efficient ways of healing – there is so much information on the subject that I feel quite overwhelmed. At this point I feel as though I have become unhinged.


If you feel that you are overwhelmed and coming unhinged, then rather than push ahead on your emotional healing, perhaps it would be wiser to focus on your meditation practice in order to establish some baseline equilibrium and stability. If the issues with your in-laws are only getting you more agitated the more you try to clear them, then whatever release method you are using is not working, or you are not ready to let go of this issue yet. So I recommend relaxing your healing agenda and strengthening and balancing yourself with meditation and let your inner intelligence orchestrate whatever next step you need.



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