August 27, 2020
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Unenlightened Actions by the Enlightened.


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Why do some “enlightened” teachers, do such unenlightened things? Their teachings are great, but don’t reflect in their personal lives. This troubles me. I have come such a long way, but don’t seem to be able to get past this. What is the lesson here? I think that in the new era this moral fuzzines will no longer be accepted. What do you think?


It’s not clear from your letter exactly what constitutes unenlightened moral behavior, but assuming it is activity that the teacher specifically instructs others against doing, then the simple lesson to learn is that the teacher may be good at teaching other things, but is not an example of that moral teaching. The other thing you need to consider is what are your expectations of a teacher. What morality you are looking for your teacher to model and why.

In the Indian tradition as well as in many other wisdom traditions the enlightened master is considered free of all personal, material and social boundaries and conventions. From that state of freedom many continue to conform to worldly morals and expectations as a model of behavior, and some who have a different path are utterly unconventional and deliberately flout social norms. Their job is to help break obsolete values around them to force people to look to a deeper virtue within that transcends outer moral judgment. And occasionally some teachers do both at various times. I don’t say that to excuse anyone or any behavior  in particular, but simply to say that if the individual is genuinely enlightened, their personal or even petty actions automatically carry a larger evolutionary purpose behind them, and to ignore that aspect will only confuse you.



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