February 27, 2012

Tunnel of Light.


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I lost my husband on Jan. 13th. I saw a spinning spiral turning very quickly and viewed a bright tunnel that looked like a lit up pipe stretching into a dark sky. No, I'm not on anything and don't drink. I was with my step-daughter at the time and saw this when I closed my eyes. A second later, the tunnel shot out into space like the spaceship Enterprise on Star Trek…out of sight. Alarmed, I opened my eyes and told my step-daughter "I've just seen your father's passing!" The next morning, I received a call from the hospital saying my husband had died early that morning.

If I were hearing someone else say this, I would wonder if they had indeed experienced such a thing. But it happened. I have no choice but to believe there is such a thing as the Universe and the tunnel of light. I would appreciate your thoughts about this experience.


The tunnel of light vision is of course a standard feature of near death experiences. For you to see this tunnel of light from an outside perspective, instead of from within the tunnel, is a rare and remarkable experience. Your privileged vision is probably due in part to your close emotional connection to your husband, but if these type of subtle perceptions are not common for you, then there could be some other unknown factor that helped open up this realm for you.

For those who undergo near death experiences, the basic take-away understanding is that life does not end with the body, so they no longer fear death. I don’t know what you will internalize from this beautiful sight, and I don’t want to interfere with the natural growth process that unfolds from it. This is still a very fresh experience, and no doubt you are dealing with the deep emotional loss of your husband’s death now. But as things settle down in the weeks ahead, you might recall certain feelings or understandings that were accompanied with your vision of the tunnel of light. These experiences often have a presence about them that contains a wealth of wisdom in one flash. Whatever the meaning and purpose of your vision is, give it silence and time and it will reveal its message on its own.



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  1. Gary

    Yes you saw what you believe you saw. You and your husband must have been very close for you to see his passing. Love truly has no boundaries.

  2. Valery

    Impressionant. very beautifull story. thank you for sharing that unique story of Love.And How to see that in pure emotional relations there is light and a profound connection beyond this life. The grandeur sense of our essence. I touched me deeply. No doubt it is a very powerfull moment of transformation for you. Thank you very much for the question and the respond.

  3. Theresa Carol Milstead

    My dad came to me in a dream to tell me he was leaving. There was light and warmth on the other side of him. I wanted to go, too so followed. There was an archway ahead with an inviting warmth and bright light. My dad and the being went through the arch. Just as I was about to step through a battleship grey gauze curtain appeared. Simultaneously, there was a knowing that filled my mind saying, "It`s not your time." As the dream ended the phone rang, mom to tell me dad has just passed.

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