June 14, 2021
Ask Deepak

Troubling Oneness.


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I am very troubled by the idea of “oneness”, though I know I shouldn’t be. But to me the idea that we are all one and we are all God makes me feel very, very alone. It seems to me similar to the idea of everyone on the planet and everyone I love disappearing and me being given eternal life all alone and told to try and be happy about it. To be honest, the idea of “oneness” makes me feel as if God is just one consciousness that has become so troubled and alone that it develops multiple personalities and we are the multiple personalities. I want to feel as if I will see my loved ones again when we die. I want to feel safe, and in company. I don’t like the idea of the universe being in us. I want to be in the universe, with people I love. I don’t feel like I am anymore, life has taken on a strange dream-like quality and it is very unpleasant. I wish spiritual practices gave me comfort instead of disturbing me further. I don’t know where to turn. Please help. Thank you.


The experience of oneness that develops with spiritual practice is enveloping love, joy and peace. The only trouble with oneness you are having is a mental trouble. If you stay in the present moment instead of worrying about a hypothetical future, your troubles will be over.



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