January 25, 2012

Transcending the Mind.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


 You've said that in order to avoid negative thinking or negative thoughts, we have to transcend the mind and become more aware. So here is my question….what is your personal opinion about positive affirmations or positive thinking? Do you really think that if we repeat positive affirmations if front of the mirror we would be able to tame our ego or at least the negative aspects of it? Your opinion would be very appreciated!


When we go beyond the mind and experience our true self, we are connecting to the creative source of all life. From there all of our thoughts are evolutionary and positive. Positive affirmations in themselves do not connect us with our core self, so they cannot free us from our ego. But affirmations in conjunction with a meditation practice that takes us beyond the mind’s activity can be useful in supporting our evolutionary thoughts into manifestation. But the affirmations should be done easily, as gentle intentions toward what one wants, not with expectations or insistence on a specific outcome.


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  1. Valery

    He said "when we go beyond the mind and experience our true self ... " then suppose he must be reffering to the conceptual mind not the mind with capital "M" .. to go beyond the mind is to still that mind that is affirming and proyecting an object in the mind.

  2. teo

    Dear Deepak, YOU have been a magical inspiration in my life! I could never THANK YOU enough! But I`m doing my best :) LOOOVE!!!!!! teo

  3. Faye Aitken-Smith


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