June 24, 2013

Tired of Being Holy and Perfect.


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Hello Deepak, For four years I had been a very conservative and very zealous Christian. But for the past 6 months I have become tired of trying to be holy and perfect. I have been breaking away from conservative evangelicalism. Since I have stopped attending church and the fundamentalist community I have tried to find peace through spirituality and not religion (such as practicing meditation and yoga). My question is this. By letting go of my former religious traditions how can I deepen my relationship with God without feeling guilt, fear, and unworthiness? It has taken a lot of strength to even feel the freedom I do today. But I know God is there because I have felt him. How do I find the confidence to enter his presence and know that he is watching over me? Thank you


Don’t let your old concepts of God and spirituality limit your spiritual growth or your confidence. Let your actual experience be your guide. You have said how you can feel the presence of God. That is all you need for confidence that God is there, not words or beliefs. When you feel the divine presence, there is no separation or guilt or fear. All that comes from the ego mind. That small mind is also the source of the concepts about holiness and perfection, and those ideas are very far from the actual experience of God felt in your inner Being.


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  1. glenna

    can you please help me. I purchased the set of "what are you hungry for" and received the set however the activiation code for the inncer circle website does not work. Can you please help me. I received the package and just started to use it. Thank you.

  2. Silvanodos

    I think he has the right to doubt and to develop his own way to have a relationship with God. When we are in a community such as church or congregation we feel safer because facing the challenges alone is harder then in a group. All those biblical explanation is rethorical, Ms Anna has explained it accordingly the christian point of view. i don`t disagree with her, but if he is having the opportunity to have a private experience with the Lord, this is awesome to him!, I have my own doubts and theoretical disagreements with my religious institution, but I am keeping my tradition because wherever I go it takes part on me. This is about developing wings keeping the roots. Open up your mind and don`t lose your Faith. Wherever you go God is at your side.

  3. Peter

    Really pissed off with What is going on in Greece, My blood starts to boil when I think about her. There is a connection with her without a doubt. You can call it past, I call it spirit.

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