July 11, 2016

Time and Matter.


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I have just read your fine new book on the Afterlife. Thank you, as ever, for your humanity, structural clarity and wisdom. While excited by the idea that the afterlife reflects the evolution of consciousness, I am puzzled by the paradox that this seems to imply linear time, which I understand to be a projection of materialism. Please help me to understand these two ideas in a way that is inclusive.


This is a very deep question and I am not sure I can do full justice to it here. It may help to think of the evolution of consciousness as essentially a process of awakening to the knowledge of one’s true nature. As such that process takes place at the deepest level of awareness, outside the boundaries of linear time and space. Events in that non-local realm have been described as occurring in sacred time, not clock time. Insofar as that level of awareness is available to us whether we are in a physical body or not, evolution of consciousness can still unfold. While the experiences of the 3-dimensional, linear time world provide a backdrop for our embodied life, the actual awakening or evolution of consciousness always happens in sacred time and sacred space. The growth that occurs after death just continues without the compelling distractions of the material world’s limitations.



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