March 10, 2021
Ask Deepak

Tibetan Buddhist Meditation.


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I am a Western student of Tibetan Buddhism and have been meditating for many years. I love meditation and believe deeply in its benefits. However, my teacher is quite traditional and requires/strongly suggests that we do various other esoteric practices that feel like a stretch for me to see meaning behind. My question is this: is this just my ego getting in the way or are these practices (Ngondro, Vajragini, etc.) essential to work towards enlightenment? I mean no disrespect to the practice, I just wonder if some of this is cultural and if I can’t accomplish the same kinds of things by doing something that feels more meaningful to me.


Since you have been doing Tibetan Buddhist mediation for many years, I am a little surprised that you are only now expressing a cultural clash with the traditional practices. This makes me think that there might be an underlying ego or power issue that has been touched upon through these practices that is ready to be dealt with if you are open and allowing enough to work through it. Try to let go of the need to attach an intellectual meaning or justification to these fundamental practices and take an experiential approach and just see what they can do for you.



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