December 18, 2021
Ask Deepak

Third Eye Sensations.


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Deepak, I have been initiated into meditation a few months ago via your 21 days meditation experience. I am very happy about it. I have been experiencing some things not sure I understand them very well right now. Sometimes during meditation, I feel tingling sensations in my (third eye) middle of the forehead. The sensation becomes a mild pain and then it throbs. I have not been able to go beyond the throbbing effect (lasts for a couple of mins). I would like to know if this is of any significance like the opening of chakra or release work. How to go beyond this if it’s not of importance. Thank you for everything you have done for me.


These activation and physical release experiences during meditation are considered positive indications of spiritual progress. It’s somewhat unusual for there to be throbbing pain associated with this tingling sensation, but I can’t be sure exactly how uncomfortable that feeling is for you. If it becomes so intense you cannot easily continue meditating, then stop for a few minutes until the sensation goes away. When you feel it has diminished enough you can resume for the balance of the time.

Even though you now recognize that this opening is a valuable experience, that doesn’t mean you should be dwelling on it, or encouraging it in any way. Treat the sensation with the same indifference as you would if it was your elbow that was tingling. And then return to meditation.



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