April 18, 2012

Thinking in Tongues.


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I have been meditating before bed to help me sleep and it has been helpful. I recently tried meditating during the day to help me center and live more purposely. Today, about 15 minutes in, while telling my mind to be silent, I began thinking in "tongues". A language I didn't understand but had heard many times before, as I had been brought up in the Baptist Church and had witnessed when the " holy spirit" was invoked. While these words moved through my mind, the darkness behind my closed eyelids brightened and I felt as though I was in a gyroscope. The room spinning in all directions. Then these words came to me. " The nothing of this body is the everything of God.". My eyes flew open, and when I moved and looked around, I felt as if I didn't fit or fill my body. Then about 5 minutes later I felt an intense pain in my right shoulder. And the words kept repeating. I am in an emotional difficult situation and feel I need to make decisions which may negatively impact people I love. I would appreciate your thought on the words and the physical experience. Thank you.


When we meditate, the mind settles down and experiences more refined, more abstract states of awareness. Simultaneously, the body also settles down, relaxes and releases whatever obsolete, old conditioning is ready to go. It sounds to me like you were releasing some intense experiences you witnessed in the Baptist Church as a child, and you relived some of the sounds, images and out-of-body feelings associated with the initial experience. The shoulder pain may be the healing of a completely unrelated trauma from your past. As for the words “the nothing of this body is the everything of God,” that sounds like a clear message that this physical existence my seem worthless and meaningless, but when understood in terms of its divine potential, an enlightened life in a physical body allows for an experience of bliss, love, and creative possibilities beyond any other form of existence without a body.



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  1. DeAnn

    I have been going through an extremely difficult time with a young adult child. In my usual manner of prayer, I have literally been crying out to The Lord to protect him with an almost frenzied fervor. It is a very critical situation. I have joined a prayer group recently that seems quite different than any other I have ever come across. I believe that there are several persons in this group that are gifted spiritually With the ability to truly minister to others, to assist in healing and perhaps even deliverance. I have never been a witness to such powerful, assuring prayer as this. One woman who is an old acquaintance of mine and her friend laid their hands on me and one prayed with words that I could understand, and the other, ( my friend) made very quiet, sometimes repetitive sounds that I could not understand. There was a true power in those prayers. I felt genuinely raised up. I later realized she was praying in tongues. We spoke about it later briefly. I came to a real crisis period with the same issue recently & she asked me if I could "pray in the spirit. " I asked what that meant, and the language of tongues and where it comes from was explained to me by my friend and another woman in the group. They asked me if I wanted to pray this way myself, that did have the ability within me, if I wanted to. I definitely wanted to. Thus as one prayed aloud over me, and another prayed at times in tongues, I opened my mouth, and slowly words and sounds emerged that I did not know, and then they began to flow out. I`m still digesting all of this as it occurred only yesterday. I have prayed on my own in the same manner several times today while alone. I keep trying to remember some of those words, sounds and syllables etc to look them up somewhere to determine a meaning, thus now I find myself thinking at times in a language I don`t understand. Does this make sense? I do feel a certain supernatural or divine presence during this, and that these prayers are just different and so much more powerful and closer to God than the ones I generally speak. Can you please explain this to me? If I am speaking in tongues, will I ever know what I`m saying?

  2. Yvonne Arnold

    Hi Deepak. Greteings from Germany: The pain in your left shoulder comes from your situation showing you that you are almost completely free in your sould except this one part. It is like a pole which is driven through your shoulder. You are hanging from this pole which keeps you from floating and flying and which keeps you from being absolutely free. It is like a monkey which has wings but can´t fly because it is still using its hand to hang from the tree and doesn´t realize that it has wings to fly and doesn´t need to hold on. It helps to look into old customs or structures which you believe are still true to follow and which you do not need anymore. It has something to do with your family - some kind of self conditioning - old structures that you can let go. And it has to do with forgiving yourself for something. Amazing... where others are still on the ground and afraid to climb up the tree you are already hanging with only one arm, ready to fly. Congratulations!

  3. Denise Hb

    Maybe it was a reflection of the weight or pain that we have transfered to God! He tells us to cast our cares on him!!! Thats my take! Living in the moment! :-)

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