January 4, 2021
Ask Deepak

Thinking in Tongues.


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I have been meditating before bed to help me sleep and it has been helpful. I recently tried meditating during the day to help me center and live more purposely. Today, about 15 minutes in, while telling my mind to be silent, I began thinking in “tongues”. A language I didn’t understand but had heard many times before, as I had been brought up in the Baptist Church and had witnessed when the ” holy spirit” was invoked. While these words moved through my mind, the darkness behind my closed eyelids brightened and I felt as though I was in a gyroscope. The room spinning in all directions. Then these words came to me. ” The nothing of this body is the everything of God.”. My eyes flew open, and when I moved and looked around, I felt as if I didn’t fit or fill my body. Then about 5 minutes later I felt an intense pain in my right shoulder. And the words kept repeating. I am in an emotional difficult situation and feel I need to make decisions which may negatively impact people I love. I would appreciate your thought on the words and the physical experience. Thank you.


When we meditate, the mind settles down and experiences more refined, more abstract states of awareness. Simultaneously, the body also settles down, relaxes and releases whatever obsolete, old conditioning is ready to go. It sounds to me like you were releasing some intense experiences you witnessed in the Baptist Church as a child, and you relived some of the sounds, images and out-of-body feelings associated with the initial experience. The shoulder pain may be the healing of a completely unrelated trauma from your past. As for the words “the nothing of this body is the everything of God,” that sounds like a clear message that this physical existence my seem worthless and meaningless, but when understood in terms of its divine potential, an enlightened life in a physical body allows for an experience of bliss, love, and creative possibilities beyond any other form of existence without a body.



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