August 20, 2020
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I suffer and have suffered from numerous traumatic experiences throughout the course of my life. I have sought help in therapy and have not been able to do the work that I need to do in a thorough and complete way. I saw one therapist for a long time and he was the best, now I have seen quite a few more, as he will not work with me anymore. I realize that you have said many times that suicide is not a means of ending life, and that it is a psychotic response. I feel so incredibly hopeless because the truth is that the time for me to have reversed and worked on my issues has expired. I will not be in any intimate relationships, I have used up all of my dreams and hopes, my past and its patterns have destroyed all possibilities. In this case would you think that physician assisted suicide is an alternative, if so do you think that the universe would understand my need to end the crippling pain?


You must find another therapist even if they aren’t as good as the first one was. You feel like your situation is hopeless because you believe the time for healing it has passed. That’s nonsense. There is no fixed shelf life for healing emotional trauma. No matter how intransigent these issues feel, they are finite conditioning upon your infinite unconditioned true self. Never forget that healing is always available. You can never use up all your hopes and dreams and your past cannot destroy all your possibilities. Your real self is the source of all creativity and all possibilities. That cannot be destroyed by anything, least of all the conditioning from our past.  Begin a meditation practice so that you can experience and know your higher self directly, so that you can develop a authentic self beyond your fears and pains from the past.



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