November 9, 2021
Ask Deepak

The World as Reflection of the Self.


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Hi Deepak! If the external world is a reflection or extension of who I am, how is it that the ‘me’ at the centre or core is whole and perfect when there are a lot of terrible and cruel things that happen in the world? Is it that the external world AND the self which it reflects are both separate from the ‘me’ that is experiencing? Just had this bubble of a question while relaxing and reflecting. Thank you for all your guidance.


A diamond can be pure and perfect even though the light that is reflected by its facets is colored and fragmented. In our world, the purity of our higher self is a work in progress, and the awful events we see projected around us tell us what awakening or self-realization we still need to attain. In Vedanta, this is the individual limited self, or jiva, knowing its true status as pure consciousness, or Atman. When enough people become enlightened, then the outer projections in the world will change to reflect that.



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