June 18, 2012

The Voice of Atma.


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I have been meditating for quite sometime but in the last few months I have had an unusual experience. I go very deep within – so deep that I am not there. I am totally unconscious of myself. I then hear my own voice speak. I ask questions before getting into that state and my own voice gives me very unique replies. My voice is all knowing. Omniscient and wise and gives me specific directions. When I get out into normal layers of consciousness from meditation, I feel very tired and a little drained out. But I recover soon.

What type of meditation is this? Is the voice I hear that of my Atma? And why do I feel tired?  


The Atma is the silent witness it is your core existence that is one with all existence. Silent meditation is a process where we go beyond all limitations of our conditioned mind so our pure awareness can awaken to its own truth. As these conditioned patterns of our mind are released, they can present themselves as convincing impersonations of our real self – the atma. I think this is what is happening here for you. The atma does not give you detailed instructions, nor does it try to convince you of its authority and wisdom. When your higher self guides you, it will usually just be an abstract, quiet sense of knowingness in your heart that tells you what is what.
It is also suspicious that this voice is giving you directions in your meditation. When you transcend your individuality in meditation, you should be full of the light of pure consciousness, not receiving instructions on what to do. So I would recommend that you regard this voice simply as any other thought that arises in meditation and therefore take it as a signal to reintroduce thinking the mantra.


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  1. Rekha

    Deer Deepakji I would like to understand on Prarabdha Karma . For a self realised person, will the prarabdha karma exist? Kindly let me know Regards rekha

  2. Sunny.

    I agree with Deepak that you should regard this voice as simply as an another thought. First of all if you know you go deep with in to the point that you feel that you are not there, then my friend absolutely you are there. That is probably the last/only thought left in you. At that point you are still not actually meditating. Just like Deepak said your atma is a silent witness means that at that level you are just observing and not becoming thoughts/or thinking. Let me assure you that is the only choice you have at your deepest(atma) level and that is to observe. I would not even call it a choice either because it is the only one. To clear further at Atma level everything stops and that is reasoning behind the silent state of it.

  3. Evan Pershing

    I hear voices all the time.

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