January 24, 2022
Ask Deepak

The Source of Ignorance.


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You’ve spent a lot of time and energy explaining and helping people understand that we are on a journey from ignorance to our essential nature, and that we are all on a journey back to wholeness. But you don’t seem to ever say how we got to this ignorance, or why we are at this point, or taking this journey at all? What is the purpose of us discovering our purpose, which is to see who we really are? And after we do come out of ignorance, is it a forever deal, or can we take the trip and have the adventure all over again? Or do we just all finally wake up and the entire Universe disappears?


The ancient wisdom traditions essentially say that ignorance of our true universal nature is a result of our individuality seeing itself and the world as separate, instead of seeing our inner reality and outer reality as unified. Ignorance here is really just “ignoring” that ever-present reality.

Some spiritual traditions say this ignoring of unity is the way creation unfolds from singularity of consciousness to infinite diversity of creation. This veiling of truth is the activity of the ego-self. Its perception of separation is a fiction that starts our journey into diversity and differentiation. We take this journey of discovery so that our self-awareness can realize its inner existence is also the same essential reality as all outer creation—simply different expressions of the same universal consciousness. Everything in the universe is moving toward full self-consciousness—full recognition of the unity of existence. When you wake up to your essential truth, then it is a forever deal, there is no going back to a state of ignorance.



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