December 19, 2021
Ask Deepak

The Source of All.


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In meditation, we aim to reconnect with the Source inside of us, the divine aspect of who we are, but is that Source the Source of All That Is, or an extension of the original Source? I know that we are God, but are we the actual God that created everything, or an extension of God, not the original yet still God, that interacts and re-creates from the original creation?


Our core existence is pure consciousness, and that pure consciousness is the same pure existence at the basis of everything. But there is a distinction to be made between the our pure essence and the full expression of that essence that constitutes our personal self with our sense of individuality, our mind, our emotions, our senses and body that we employ on our journey toward full awakening. That expressed package of individual awareness that you refer to as “who we are” is different in knowledge and in perspective from the totality of awareness of all creation, even though it is identical in essence. The analogy is given of the drop of water and the ocean. The drop when it sees itself as separate holds a distinct point of view that is different than the ocean, even though, like the ocean it is nothing but water.



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