November 6, 2020
Ask Deepak

The Shadow Effect.


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Dear Deepak, Last night I watched The Shadow Effect documentary. I was wondering about something that was said and I want to know what you think about it: It says that we must embrace all of our feelings and emotions, both negative and positive. Now, I was confused as to whether we are allowed to act on some of the negative, shadow impulses… is this a way forward? Or is the challenge to embrace those dark feelings but without acting on them? Does the ‘dark’ shadow of ‘evil’ ‘win’ when we act upon those negative emotions? Thanks for shedding light on everything for us. We are blessed to have you.


Embracing one’s feelings, only means that we identify them as our emotional offspring. It doesn’t mean that we encourage them or act on them. The emotional toll from our negative emotions is not so much from the original response, but from our later judgment against our action—disowning and denying it until it grows into a kind of monster. The healing comes from owning the initial hurtful reaction as part of our human experience. Not that the pain and the shadow is our real self or complete self, but it is a small part of our story, and the story isn’t complete unless everything is included. As we reassemble all the fragments of our life that we have buried or pushed away in the past, we regain peace, power and a sense of completeness.



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