January 25, 2012

The Religion of Love.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

There is only one religion and it is the religion of love.

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  1. heartphone

    @Stephanie Schlegel No doubt it is all true what you write, have been there, done that and after my children went to live on their own, it took me another ten years to heal. But remember, Deepak Chopra went through a hell in his own life just after worldwar II. He saw many of his relatives been killed and was in a way `lucky` to be able to emigrate with his family to the U.S. But you should read his autobiography before you judge a person who has had quite some life experiences himself before reaching the `blessed` stage he is in now. He not for nothing calls life a process. And it is. Problem is that only at a later stage in ones life one is able to look back, reflect and heal. Guess this is common procedure for all of us. He also says: when you realize that every one suffers, this is the birth of compassion. We women are still in the middle of a process of awakening to our own power which, and I have to admit, that has been suppressed by paternalistic forces in society. We stand only at the beginning of a (r)evolutionary change, unfortunately the feminine energy still needs a lot of creativity to be accepted in society. We are on our way and each day we take another step in the desired direction. But it needs us women of all ages to stand strong together to get us an equal place in society. I raised my children (a girl and a boy) into this awareness. They already bring this into practice. Their children will take it already a level higher and so this is the way evolution works in my view. Love is the seed in Nature that grows in every new cycle of life.....

  2. Andrea Hill

    Amen! Very well said!❤

  3. Mark

    Love... the purest feeling of human rapture, the brightest light that emanates from our souls, filling our hearts...overflowing. When you discover the feeling is real, you tell everybody, they need to know that the feeling exists. It`s not a love of the heart, but rather a love of the soul, as true and pure as humans can experience. This is the truth that all the great prohets wanted us to understand. They can`t give it to you. If they could they would do so freely. Instead they must draw an arrow in the sand and tell us to begin our own journey toward enlightenment, O yea of little faith!

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