February 1, 2022
Ask Deepak

The Opinions of Others.


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You once said that what people think about us is none of our business. Can you elaborate because I am confused? If we don’t care what people think about us aren’t we being arrogant or self-centered? It makes me think that we can treat people badly and not care about their feelings. Thanks.


What people think about us ultimately depends on their past experiences and how that shaped their hearts and minds. That is why it is their business, not ours. Plus, their history is out of our control, so it doesn’t help to try to change our life to accommodate their past. It’s fine to take notice of what people think or say about us, and even be able to accept what is useful as constructive feedback. But it is not arrogance or self-centeredness to not place your sense of self-worth in the hands of others who do not know your worth. Knowing who you are and how you should regard yourself is your job, and you are the only one qualified to do it.



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