February 2, 2015

The One Moment.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Two years ago an experience where the mind was totally quiet I received a shattering inward happening where The "One moment" and timelessness was revealed. I am unable to speak entirely about what happened simply because human words fail to describe the actuality of it. I do not recognise who I was before this. Since then I have no feeling in my head and everything is abnormally empty but perfect!! I now see that the brain may also have stopped functioning at this point? Whatever happened has changed my thinking and my life but also I realise my brain and mind are a thousand times lighter as well as a thousand times sharper. I feel no sensations above my neck. It is like my head has been chopped off and the brain is working from the heart area. I thought this was a totally spiritual insight but now see the connection to the brain. All guru's have ignored this question. I know Papaji had a similar experience regarding this "one moment", as well as possibly Jiddu Krishnamurti. I wondered if your neurology and meditative mind knowledge could point me to what happened? And whether neurologists would benefit from my new knowledge? It is like my new intellect is off a 300 year old man, where as before I was just a fifty year old dumb guy!! I don't mind if no-one listens as my life is now beyond all human suffering. There is no fear or mind and all I see is pure love in everything. I also see that I am not this body anymore. It is difficult to fit in though. Should I see a local neurologist? Krishnamurti had a discussion with D Bohm that I can completely understand and relate to. But three years ago this lecture would be far beyond intellect for me, a meagre lost soul that I was then. Any info would be welcomed by Deepak or any of his team.


It sounds like you had a major shift in consciousness away from a localized, personal identity into a more abstract unlimited you. That is why you hardly recognize your past identity and why you feel so much lighter and clearer. And while your state of consciousness certainly has changed your brain functioning and physiology to some extent, it is not accurate to say your brain stopped functioning, or that you now have no sensation above your neck. I think what you are trying to say is that the mental processes in your brain are so dramatically more quiet and still than your previous mental processes, that it is as if nothing was happening in the brain in comparison with the past.
I suspect that the changes in your neurophysiology are likely to be so subtle that present day neuroscience would not be able to draw any conclusions from a study of your brain. What matters is that this shift is a truer version of your self — loving, fearless, awake and at peace. And while the new you may not fit in to the prevailing social expectations and values anymore, as your new self begins to reenter and reengage with your mind and sense, you will again find common ground of appreciation and understanding with others while remaining true to your inner self.


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  1. Lolls Aquarian

    Hope you are good in this new state, all the best,,,,may you live in a state you want,,,but to be honest i am happy in my current state and unlike others i am not chasing any awakening.....my present state is beautiful......

  2. Floren De Saint Malo

    Very interesting !!!

  3. Sandy Simeone Ryan

    Can any of this show me how to visit my husband in the astro world . he died recently

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