October 3, 2012

The Life You Want.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hello Deepak, You said once that "we can have the life we want". Considering the fact that the vast majority of people never have and currently don't have the life they want I'm beginning to wonder if that is true. For years I believed that and figured that God would reveal my true path to me. Now, as I approach 50 years old, have no family, and can't seem to make enough money to prosper and am weeks away from homelessness it seems as though God doesn't even care and I'm even starting to think that my feelings about God are just delusions that have left me in denial about my life. If there is a God it obviously has no concern as to whether one thrives or suffers. All of the people I know that never cared about God or the deeper questions that I've always been asking are all prospering and I am not. Is it possible that your prosperity has nothing to do with God and everything to do with the family you were born in to and the desire to be a doctor, etc?


I think you misunderstood the role of individual intention and self-knowledge in how one creates the life one wants. It means that first you have to know who you are and what is important to you. What is worth having and worth striving for, not simply wanting what advertising and popular trends tell you is a good life. That process of reflection and self-enquiry into your true nature and value is not something that an external God gives to you, it is what your inner divinity reveals to itself. That ongoing process of awakening is the life that your soul truly wants. The path of manifestation of a good life is ultimately about finding spiritual fulfillment and having material needs and comforts organizing around that spiritual core as necessary, not vice versa.


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  1. alfredo nestor carranza

    Hola Deepak:Hay algùn equilibrio o ley cosmica o una relaciòn de causa y efecto que castigue o devuelva por nuestros actos buenos o malos frutos,o es un mecanismo de nuestro ser espiritual que tiende a "exponer" lo incorrecto entrando en conflicto con nuestro ego creando asi la culpa.Cierta vez me movilizò un gran deseo,por lo que aprendi de ud.,aunque sean vanos o incluso egoistas no debemos reprimirlos o juzgarlos.Di curso a este deseo,pero con un gran sentimiento de culpa pensando en alguna condena social de acuerdo a ciertas normas preestablecidas.Era tan grande el deseo como la mortificaciòn al pensar que no era correcto.Mi sentido comùn decìa NO,perocomo Ud. menciona,mirespuesta visceral decìa SI.Finalmente mi deseo se manifestò y no lo tomè.Quedè muy frustrado y confundido¿Si nuestros deseos son manifestaciones del universo mismo debìa tomar la oportunidad o dejarlo pasar si se considera egoista?¿Y si lo hubiera tomado habrìa consecuencias negativas?

  2. Infidel

    Dear Deepak, I just read your book on Mohammad’s story. As an unbiased free thinker (I hope my assumption is correct) how can you read the following aye in Quran and still believe in the its divinity and Mohammad as a prophet of a God? Translation from two sources: 51|56 I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me. 51|56 I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me.

  3. Betty

    Dear Deepak, I want to start to thank you. This year has been very different for me because I`ve dedicated my life to be enlightened and feel I have finally found myself, my purpose and the joy that life is. I haven`t read a single book for many years, and the last 8 month I have finished 7-8 books, so I have made changes in my career, my relationship with my family, changed myself to be a better person, love to be positive, I believe in God again, also respect myself and give love to everyone I meet. But now I feel myself in a difficult situation. I have been engaged to the man I love and want to marry for over 7 years. We both agree we think we have found our soulmate. I hardly can say anything negative about him but still I have to find answers.. I still feel thankful and the love everywhere but my fiance has become distant to me the past weeks. We used to go once a week for 2 month to a meditation course, and both felt what a difference it is to our life to meditate every day. But now when I talk about spiritual things, all the books I have read and love, and try to "lift him up" he gets more and more angry for some reason. I don`t know what to do anymore. I try everyday to pray that we can be friends again and feel the love and peace together. I meditate beside him in bed and try fill everything with love and good thoughts but it just doesn`t make any difference.. I also have tried to accept him, just as he is right now, and that he may be going through something, but when I focus on accepting him as he is and just love him, he asks me if I don`t care about him anymore and says he feels like I don`t like him and avoid him..? Because of my change in career I have let go a (stressfull) job that gave me a bank account filled with the money we needed every month, and now, because I want to fulfill my dream I have to settle with much less money every month to begin with, and we both agreed on that and I have all the support behind me. So going to couples-therapy, or "doing" something is hardly an option at the moment, that is; finding some kind of help where it costs us.. He doesn`t want to talk about his feelings, and when I try to tell him we probably need to talk so we can move forward, he gets slowly angry again.. I don`t feel hopeless or down, I just want so much to do something or help him and I`ve run out of ideas.. If you have any ideas on this "problem" of mine, ours, I would be so incredibly thankful to hear anything, any idea, because I also have to admit that my love to life surely does not feel the same the last days and I have caught myself struggling for the first time in a long time and after trying even more to love and be patient and feel compassion, without any changes, I now feel like I might need some help and I hope to find it maybe here.. Love to all of you, Betty

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