April 12, 2020
Ask Deepak

The Grip of the Past.


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Lately, my past has been coming back to haunt me. I feel trapped in the past and feel as if it is holding me back from my future. How can I let go of the pain and guilt I feel? Every time I move forward with my life, something from my past intervenes; either an experience and/or thought, that makes me feel like a helpless and disgusted. It is very infuriating and terrible to relive.

What advice would you recommend?


The traumas from our past will continue to hold us if we haven’t healed those hurts and forgiven ourselves for our role in them. Having triggers from the past that make you feel helpless and disgusted means that your unhealed pain has trapped you in that cramped version of your self from when the trauma first occurred. Forgiving yourself for having the original feelings and reactions is a start, because that helps heal the guilt. Forgiving yourself and others will heal you further when you can honestly feel and know that regardless of their intentions, neither you nor anyone else can hurt anyone’s spiritual essence.

You don’t have to make excuses for anyone’s hurtful behavior, but knowing that people hurt others out of their own hurt, can allow you to find a deeper level of compassion for humanity’s pain. That helps you find the state of blamelessness that is loving and forgiving. Here you will find your healing and freedom from your past.



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