October 18, 2014

The Gap.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


First I want to thank you for all the things that I learned from you in the past years. I have a question about the gap between the thoughts. You constantly say that when we have desire we should go into the gap and release the desire into the field of pure potentiality. But when I go into the gap in meditation or in other form of silent mind. I can’t think about anything. That means I don’t have desires there. I don’t have thoughts or wishes or desires or anything else. There is nothing there. So how can I release my desire in the gap? How can I remember my desire in that state?


When you begin to experience the gap between thoughts, it is a blank, inactive, non-thinking place. You’re right, once you start thinking or desiring something, it brings you out of the gap. But after you have been meditating for some time, that experience of the gap becomes less fragile. There comes a time when you are well enough established in the gap that small distractions and passing thoughts do not disturb you or bring you out of that silence. This a mature experience of the gap, where you can have an intention or desire and still remain in the stillness of the Self. This is the state of awareness where you can have an intention and then release it into the field of pure potentiality while your attention returns to silent mind.


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  1. Owl

    Releasing a desire into the field of purity means the same thing as praying and trusting that it will come to be, except that the energy of the creator of all life is felt to be within and around you and is part of your awareness. So it makes sense that all you would need to do is to let go your wishes into it. First it is important to form an awareness of this field, be acquainted with it and trust it.

  2. Achyna Rumph

    Thanks Mr. Chopra, I've been following you since "1993" I can say, that I was in such a happy place. Having gotten older, I've been through some illnesses, I really need you help in get my heart, and mind back aligned with peace. Thanks

  3. Home 4 All

    wen you enter the big gab if you can call it that .thats's just the plase ware you can be alone whit your self and no one will destakt you becose you are on your own and get independed by it you have to focus to get in your silent state of mind it is diffecult becose it is a place you have never bin before and have to face your fear to enjoi it afterwarts

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