August 18, 2012

The Appropriate Response To Death.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

 If death is a certainty the only appropriate response is to make every moment precious and loving.

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  1. John Masseria

    No doubt, about precious and loving. Enjoy the moment while you can enjoy the moment. No telling when the next one will come along! Nothing is for sure, but your reality!

  2. Spencer Perdriau

    >>> = PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH, DEEK, NOT JUST FOR YOUR OWN, BUT FOR ALL, BROTHER!!! YOU ARE THE SUPPOSED "MASTER OF THE AGE" HERE................ FUCKING HYPOCRYTE!!!! Mystic Peace, Love and Blessings upon you, Deek, as always... = Spen xoxox = ^

  3. Diane Sorensen

    Yes we do die, but before dying, enjoy, love and be loved so that the time here may be pleasant. After that.....well who knows. Hatred defiles the moment and steals away precious time that could be used to enjoy the things and people around us. Find the goodness in every situation so that peace can calm the stresses of life therefore it may be enjoyed. Even the worst of times have a sliver lining..... Everyone knows someone who has died... we all have that in common... Everyone will eventually die and someone will be left to remember. Make peace with it and enjoy today and every day as it comes to you so that you can die in peace, and live in joy.

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