August 12, 2020
Ask Deepak

Teaching Kids Wisdom.


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Everything from the Vedic Traditions is great, but how can I start to teach my kids that? Or even the kids at my son´s  and daughter´s school? I would like to open kids the path that will lead them to a better future for them and humanity. Can you orientate me about that? What do I have to do in order to do so? How can I begin? What do I have to read? How can I turn myself into a teacher for kids? My daughter is 6 and my son is 8. I was thinking about teach them to meditate, do yoga and giving some lectures that inspire them to think strong about their dreams.


These are good aspirations, and perhaps the most effective way to do that is to begin with one or two key ideas that are especially meaningful to you and then put the concepts into your own words in a simple phrase. That way you don’t have to burden your kids with the language and cultural viewpoint of the Vedic tradition, which can be a bit overwhelming or intimidating to some people. Once they find the knowledge relevant to their lives, their natural interest can lead them to the source of the wisdom in the Vedic tradition if they are so inclined.

Regarding teaching them yoga or meditation; unless you have become an instructor yourself, I’d recommend you find an instructor who can teach them so they get off to a good start in their practice.



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