April 13, 2013

Talking to God.


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Hello Dr. Deepak Chopra, my question is regarding God. I have been trying to connect with God because I want to hear him verbally. I have a lot of question about myself to the point that I don't know where to begin asking. My question is what is the most effective way to connect with God? Thank you very much.


Connecting with God is ultimately about connecting with the divine intelligence within you that is at one with God. Insisting that it be a verbal dialogue may be problematic since it is easy for your ego’s imagination to create a communication scenario based on your idealized conditioning and beliefs, and that communication may not have any real basis in reality.

To connect to your core field of intelligence, you need to find a way past all your fears, doubts and beliefs to that still place in consciousness. This is traditionally done through meditation. When you have developed the ability to be still and listen in the presence of your pure intelligence, you effectively are connecting to God and you will be provided with the guidance and answers you seek. The advantage this approach has is that you are expanding, strengthening, and awakening your own consciousness, rather than assuming that all the answers are “out there” outside of you.


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  2. James Bono

    Sorry find nothing special with it.......

  3. Sharon Guttilla

    I have read all your books. I keep a copy Of The Seven Spiriyual laws of Success next to my chair and I meditate with you every night. You are a wonderful and caring man.

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