May 19, 2022
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Taking Ownership.


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Dear Deepak, here is my question: We are told that the source of creation is within us – and to take ownership of the experiences we create. But it feels natural to me to thank God, angels, friends etc., for my experiences good and “bad”, and feels positive to me to be humble and not feel it is “all me”. But is this giving up ownership as being the creator of my experiences? How can I balance gratitude with knowing that I am responsible for my experiences? Namaste,



When one takes spiritual ownership of our life and all that is in our life, it doesn’t mean ownership by our small ego self. It is our atman, or universal self that is the divine source of all creation. That level of being knows itself, by itself. That is fully aware humility and fully recognizing one’s spiritual ownership.

Being more comfortable relating to that level of inner existence as a divine “other” is perfectly okay. Both approaches are based on the same fundamental experience. If one has a natural disposition for reverence and devotion, then it makes much more sense to be devoted to the Divine as an object rather than devotion to one’s divine self.



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