November 18, 2020
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Synchronicity and Manifestation.


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Hello, Deepak I’m finding it challenging to distinguish between synchronicity and manifestation. Is it the same thing? If not, what are each one about? I wish to live on the path of my ‘purpose’ and how would one know whether they are doing this or whether they have manifested the situation through their desire? I’d love to know your insight on this.


Synchronicity is about finding meaning in the coexistence of events that are not causally related. Synchronicity gives you a glimpse of the holistic functioning of our lives with the entire cosmos. Manifestation is generally understood to be how our desires and intentions find expression in our life. Both successful manifestation and synchronicity events can indicate that you are on your correct path, but frankly those messages are not as meaningful as the deep sense of easiness and naturalness in your heart that tells you you are living your purpose.



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September 22, 2020
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