April 24, 2018



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Can you speak to the issue of passion and desire as an ego versus a soul issue? In one of the later chapters in The Path to Love you describe boredom as the suppression of desire, and yet it seems as though surrender requires putting our personal desires aside. How does one hold on to one’s desires without being selfish about it? I imagine there is something in the answer to this that would help me to better understand resignation versus surrender.


I see surrender as the ultimate fulfillment of desire, rather than the suppression of it. At the heart of every little ego desire is the soul’s search for happiness, freedom and wholeness. When one truly surrenders in love, one is relinquishing all the little desires to merge with the wholeness of one’s heart’s desire. It is like a river flowing into the ocean. It is giving up its limited sense of self and values, in order to gain its true unbounded status, what it had been moving toward all along. In that state of surrender, there is no question of holding on or being selfish—your desires are your beloved’s desires, his needs and are your needs.



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  1. Denita McDade

    You metaphors really help me process the response! Thank you.

  2. Denita McDade

    You metaphors really help me process the response! Thank you.

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