February 28, 2012

Stuck in Pattern.


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It seems I am stuck with a pattern in relationships. I don't look around for relationships, I am happy with myself … the person would walk into my life, sweep me off the floor, love me, care for me so much that I become very attached and then he would leave me saying that he cannot be with me as his parents/society want him to marry someone else. It’s happened three times. It hurts. I am unable to figure out what is wrong with me that I keep getting into the same pattern.


Don’t assume something is wrong with you. Instead start to assert more discrimination in the early stages of the relationship to determine if it has a future, according to the traditional values of your society. Don’t allow yourself to get deeply involved in the relationship if there really isn’t much of a chance that there is a long term future.


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  1. Louis

    To Consciousness there is not wrong or right, but just the knowledge that identification to a story life and attachment causes mental suffering.

  2. Xavier Nathan

    If your thinking is creating your life experiences then wouldn`t it make sense to change the thoughts that occupy your mind when you are not looking?

  3. Diane Belair

    Good answer Deepak!!

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