June 9, 2023
Ask Deepak

Stuck in Job.


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I am VERY unhappy with things in my life. I understand that happiness is an “inside” job. However, I know without a doubt that my job contributes to 95% of my unhappiness. I HATE my job. My question is how is it possible to find any type of happiness when the one thing that causes you the most unhappiness is the one thing I need in order to survive?




It’s difficult when you are in a job you can’t leave and you can’t do much to change it. Given those circumstances you need to find a way to change the one thing you do have control over — your interpretation of your job situation. Find things to appreciate about your job and the people there. Remind yourself of the obvious positive aspects, like it allowing you to pay your bills and keep you productive. But also look for little things to appreciate: a co-worker’s goofy laugh, or quirky sense of fashion. At the same time, see if you can find a way to not mind the unpleasant parts so much. Try not to over interpret the things you don’t like as intolerable or impossible to endure. Don’t give those aspect your emotional attention or judgment. Shift your attention onto something uplifting or to the task at hand.



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