September 26, 2014

Stuck at Home.


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Dear Deepak,
Mine has always been a complicated life. A childhood which witnessed domestic violence every now and then, followed by a struggle to find a job and become free but still trapped by parents since they moved with me and continued the verbal abuse against each other. Now I am 33 years old and am still suffering the same problems. I keep getting the same feeling of the childhood frustration and sorrow where I don’t want to live with my parents but have no choice and feel bonded. To add to this I have started hating my job. Every second in the office is a pain for me and I struggle through the whole day only to come back to a negative household. I don’t know what to do and am stuck. Also I am single and unmarried and my job is the only financial support we have. Please help.


Moving or changing jobs is not a permanent solution to your difficulty. Ultimately your feeling of being stuck and trapped is not caused by your parents or your work. What your higher self is asking of you is to find a bigger sense of Self within you that does not define itself through others or through circumstances. A spiritual practice is necessary to contact your true Self. By transcending your old self, you realize a deeper truth, happiness and strength in yourself that cannot be limited by negative parents or job. It takes some time for this spiritual solution to work, but it’s worth it, because this solution works on all the problems in your life.


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  1. Matt7120

    What is bigger than you and your family, perhaps helping others. Volunteer for something you see as worse than your situation. Your helping others will help you see a path for yourself. Remember, a job is only a job, you should seek another job that you may find more fulfilling. In the end the problems we have with our families are often only remedied with time and sometimes distance. They are only one aspect to your life, they do not define you or your potential. Action, seeking physical changes will alter your mindset. You have the power to make this change. Matt

  2. Jim w

    People tend to re-construct the reality they are familiar with. Leaving one situation invites a person to re-enter/create the same basic situation...unless something changes in their being.

  3. Magbrag

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