April 6, 2019

Spirituality and Medication.


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Dear Dr Chopra, can medication, whether it’s a simple over-the-counter pain killer or prescription tablets, impede your spiritual growth in any way? I have read in several books that medication and drugs like caffeine, and even “junk food can lower, or slow down your vibrations or energy field.


Toxics can come from many sources: medications, pesticides, preservatives, processed foods, and even from incomplete digestion of food within our own bodies, called ama.  Toxicity from any source can impair the proper and balanced functioning of the nervous system and that in turn can affect the quality of our awareness.

So it makes sense to take precautions with what we ingest and also to make sure we properly digest and assimilate the food we eat completely, so that our body can support the refinement of consciousness.



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