November 22, 2014

Spiritual Practice After Enlightenment.


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Hi Deepak, is a spiritual practice necessary after awakening?


Further spiritual practice to establish self-realization would not be necessary, but there is still plenty of spiritual growth after the initial awakening as higher states of consciousness unfold. That may come through specific practices, but it will also unfold spontaneously through everyday life experiences lived with full awareness. Since life is already aligned with cosmic intelligence, whatever additional steps of knowledge and experience that are needed will automatically come their way when the time is right.



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  1. LilithTheTroll

    I am truly fatigued by the number of charlatans spouting fluff-bunny New Age false enlightenment schlock. The true New Age will be preceded by an apocalypse to clear out all believers in the lie of God. You don`t know the damage you and others like you are doing to The Stream of Life and Death, DC. It has been despoiled by the Locurid (absolute evil) practices that "create" the false deities, religions, and beliefs that have kept the human race trapped by the illusion of Samsara (negative cycle of birth, death and rebirth). The Dark Side of the Force is getting ready to strike. I may sound like a delusional idiot by saying this, but then again, so do you with your preaching about "god". I`ve seen and I have heard. It is coming. There is a better way...

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