January 2, 2012

Spiritual Knowledge and the Real World.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


After studying Shankara's Crest-Jewel of Discrimination [and then living in the real world], is like driving the Coast Highway without traffic and then having huge semi slam on its brakes immediately in front of my car. How do we continue encouraged, sorting out Maya while living with spouses, children, work, homes, etc.?.

Does gratitude for blessings (experienced thru our senses but generated by our heart )not qualify as devotion? Daily meditations and reading spiritual books and teachings guide us as well. How do you suggest we live daily life without discarding our families and all that Shankara suggests?


Shankara emphasizes the importance of knowing one’s true Self above all else in spiritual awakening. The way to incorporate his teaching in the world of responsibilities and relationships is to have a time set aside each day to experience one’s real nature, or Atman, in meditation. The rest of the day is then where that pure consciousness is integrated into one’s everyday life. Both steps are necessary in order to make enlightenment a practical living reality. In this view, the outside world and families are not the enemy of spiritual growth, but rather the arena where spiritual bliss, wisdom and love takes form.

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  1. Mohammad Arslan Pervaiz

    that`s a good question!

  2. heartphone

    If one truly has had the experience of one`s true self and one cherishes the memory of it and knows deep inside the value of it, whatever happens after that, one will always be able to go back to that truth one has been given. No matter what. No matter what they tell you, what you believe is true!! There is a beautiful song about this from Boyzone (find it on Youtube) Am 66 now, I had an inner revelation at 34, my life has certainly not been easy, got my share of trouble, both in family circles and friend`s circles. Managed it all by being able to carry AND keep cherishing my own truth inside. And I survived up till now being healthier as ever before and living a happy life. I do not need so much for this, I received my own creativity for which am very grateful. Just to back you up, never to give up!!

  3. Darshaya Mustacchio

    Deepak I need u I want ur words ur presents... Can we bring stronger soldiers now to say, to hear positive words, the beauty of truth, can our egos die and can we have faith that we will still be loved in the morning :)

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