March 29, 2014

Spiritual Justice.


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What is justice in spiritual terms?


Great question. In spiritual terms our actions and their consequences follow from our movement toward enlightenment or self-realization. Our missteps, suffering, and delays along the way are due to our misunderstanding or ignorance of our true self. I would say on the universal scale, fairness or justice operates because through the force of evolution of consciousness everyone eventually arrives at the goal –enlightenment, liberation, bliss. And justice is also served because through the law of karma, decisions and actions taken that harm others will have consequences that compel the actor to understand and become conscious of how such actions hurt them. And so receiving the fruits of their actions becomes another means through which Existence moves us toward self-realization.


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  1. Wayne

    My thoughts, for what they are worth If we can agree that for justice to be necessary an injustice must have occurred, then the following surely also applies. The need for justice isn`t a spiritual (universal) necessity, but something created by the mind of man. Using the analogy of our journey towards enlightenment. Lets say, along that journey, we happen across as sign that says turn right, now we feel (universal constant) that we should continue straight, but the urge to turn right is overwhelming. So we turn. Along that, let`s call it a detour on our journey towards enlightenment, we encounter various challenges which need to be overcome (in our mind) so we do various things. As a consequence of those actions others suffer (or do they?) Have we merely helped their journey towards enlightenment (or indeed those they may encounter or their decendants) on their own particular journey? The universe doesn`t expect justice for our actions, it merely expects us to act. As such there can be no injustice in spiritual terms, merely a set of actions which leads (in one way or another) towards enlightenment of either oneself or those one encounters along the journey. So in response, the answer is justice is ensuring that you follow whichever path your heart tells you is the correct one and trust the universe (god, allah, etc. if you like) as it is leading you towards enlightenment, merely via some ups and downs along the way. Don`t know if that makes any sense or indeed where the inspiration to write it comes from, but hey I refer you to the above. Good question though.

  2. Valini

    There is no justice because there is no injustice in spiritual terms. Everything Is simu fruits of actions.

  3. Paula Rose

    Wonderful. I also love your use of the word actor, because in essence that is what we are doing. The physical body is tempory, the soul or spirit is eternal. its energy changes over many lifetimes gaining wisdom and love. Lessons are learned, challenges are overcome. The spirit develops a greater understanding by incarnating and facing issues from an earthly perspective.

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