February 7, 2015

Spiritual Breakthroughs.


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Dear Deepak,
I´ve been mediating daily for almost two years now and I feel I´m evolving considering my spiritual path and that is great. I feel more calm when I´m around upset people and difficult situations and my life is wonderful. I have also start to spend more time with people that meditate and also see their spiritual development as central in their lives. And most of them are talking and experiencing different kinds of "breakthroughs". I haven´t experienced a breakthrough so far. Is it common not to have those big aha-moments even though I take steps on my journey?


Yes it is common to make tremendous spiritual progress without dramatic breakthrough experiences. A lot of it has to do with your personal style of growing. Some people experience spiritual awakening more gradually and smoothly, for others the same level of growth my present itself as a dramatic breakthrough or “aha” experience. Some people learn better through strong contrasts, and others do better with a steady expansion of their awareness. One is more like an off/on light switch, the other a dimmer switch.


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  1. N

    All i know is that my life has changed since i started the 21 day meditation audios. Everything else seems superficial except `me` as a soul full of love and understanding for all that exists. I guess that is awareness !! But it has been more of a transformational process rather than a AHA moment :)

  2. Sunny Reale-OKeefe

  3. Rodrigo Nunes Cal

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