September 27, 2023
Ask Deepak

What if spiritual awakening causes stress in my relationships?.


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“Hi Deepak.

Although not as consistently as I’d like, I have been meditating and just trying to put some of your words into my everyday life. 

I feel like the more I meditate and the more I am conscious of myself, the farther away I grow from some of the people around me.

I feel like I am trying to put my best self and energy forth to the universe and that in return others seem to be a direct impediment to that. 

My sister, for example, seems at odds with me in every sense of who I am and what I want to become. 

I feel like the more I practice, the more at peace I am with myself, but the more poisoned our relationship becomes. 

It is like she is the opposite of everything I meditate towards. 

I’m not even sure I’m verbalizing this correctly or if it makes any sense, but I thought I would pose the situation nonetheless. 

Thanks for all you do and for any wisdom you can offer. :)”


Don’t worry about it. 

You are getting to know your inner values more fully, and as a result, you are also more aware of the contrasting values around you. 

Don’t let that lead you to think you can’t relate to people who hold opposing values, or that other people are less spiritual because they are different than you. 

Be gently and lovingly firm and confident in your path, but also celebrate and honor all the different paths others are following. 

Everyone has the right and the need to follow their own road to awakening, and in the end, none are better or worse than another. 

What matters is finding your path and following it with love and courage.



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