October 29, 2017

Specificity of Intentions.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I am not sure if I am practising the law of “intention and desire” correctly.
I have set my intentions and desires, but in doing so I think I am also including possible outcomes specifically in two areas…. where I want to live and what work I want to do.

I am 42 and took a 3-month sabbatical to work out what it is I really want and what really makes me happy. I am following my TRUE NORTH path of being spiritual, realizing my pure potential and using my talents to serve humanity.
I practice the “law of intention and desire” at least 3 times every day.

However, I also think about the kind of work I want to do, and am even thinking about the kinds of companies as well. Should I be doing this? Or is this part of the outcome?


It is fine to include specifics into your intention for where you want to live and what you want to do if it comes naturally. But don’t let those specifics keep you from noticing alternatives that Nature may be suggesting to you.  So, for instance, maybe you are thinking that you want to live in a sunny warm climate near the ocean, but you keep having dreams of the woods of Minnesota or the Northwest. Or perhaps a friend tells you of a good job offer in Vermont—it could mean that Nature has something better in mind for you even though you think you need to live in a sunny warm climate. Always keep listening to inner guidance so you remain open to the next step on your path.



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