June 29, 2012

Source of Wisdom.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


What is your source of wisdom? If you have a question in mind for which you are seeking for an answer what do you do? How do you validate that the answer is truth and not something that was created by our programmed mind?


My source of wisdom is the same as all seekers of truth: the higher self. Infinite wisdom lies deep in the heart of all of us as pure awareness. To have clear access to this limitless knowledge we need to remove the conditioning and ignorance of our true nature. The knowledge that springs from this level of existence is self-validating. It is coming from the ultimate wholeness of creation itself, so there is nothing outside of it that could validate or invalidate. You can tell if it’s coming from the conditioned self if there is a trace of fear or self-interest in the answer. If it is coming from your authentic self, then it feels easy, and supportive of all, not just you.


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  1. Richlyn McArthur

    There sure are some really informed, intelligent people here! Makes me feel better all over!

  2. ME

    This is what I did. Ask yourself any question. Do it on paper. Then answer it yourself, because you know yourself better than anyone else could. They say Know Thyself. I found this a great exercise. This is part of what helps me. When I write it down it really helps. Sometimes it helps more to get it on paper and out of my mind.

  3. @revsully

    For me my source is the Bhagavad Gita. And Deepak`s audiobook "Sacred Verses, Healing Sounds" was my Primer on the Gita. I then graduated to the Gita According to Gandhi then further onto Eknath Easwaran`s 3 volume Gita, all awhile listening to that current chapter on my iPod sung by Meena Mahadevan in its original Sanskrit. This is recent enough, over the past three years and the Gita has had a transformative effect on my daily life. The Bhagavad Gita for me, this person was the way to find "Self", the Inner Witness that speaks softly to me the Truth of what I Should & Should Not Do. Thanks, Deepak. -Eric

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